Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why Christopher Should Be Afraid Of Jail

10. Mirror no enough.
9. Manicurist visit no enough.
8. This is not "One More Chance II: One Chance Not Enough"
7. No one will read the biography Christopher: My Time with The One-Eyed Dragon
6. People inside know he is not Christopher Lee.
5. He won't become the most popular Yellow Ribbon ambassador when he comes out.
4. Prison got no Star Awards.

And the top 3...

3. Ah Nan come out already, no brother to keng gai with.
2. His brother will not study structural engineering, devise an elaborate plan, tattoo his body, rob a bank, get into jail, fall in love with a doctor, and rescue him.
1. Benedict not there yet, cannot play Pyramid Game to pass time.

Why so cheem?


moomooman said...

haha.. No.2 and no.1 is fabulous. Keep up with the good stuffs.


benjy said...

Hi cowdunk,

We appreciate it man.. thanks!

benjy & danny

Don't sue me please said...

Paiseh ah, can explain #1? Haha. Catch no ball.

If I may, I'll like to suggest one more too:
"At night cannot snuggle snuggle with Fann Wong."

Great site, btw! Chio gao peng, man.

benjy said...

Remember Benedict Goh, the host of our unforgettable Pyramid Game?

He was charged for drink driving too, so most prob will not erm.. feel so lonely if he goes to prison for it.

= Can play Pyramid Game

Thanks man!